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Hex Corelite®

A durable, lightweight fin construction with a progressive flex pattern and overall medium level of responsiveness. A good fin choice for those surfers starting on fibreglass fins as the flex pattern is more forgiving, or for surfers wanting a more dynamic feel.

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Carbon Stealth®

Engineered with woven carbon fibre through the fins base and leading edge, whilst keeping the fins tips free to flex & whip out of turns. Shapers Carbon Stealth possess a rotational flex pattern that feels lively, generating speed in sluggish conditions and enhancing fast, progressive manoeuvres. A very popular fin construction unique to Shapers, that ultimately respond to the way they are surfed. Ultra-light, fast and responsive whilst still maintaining control.

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Carbon Hybrid®

The Carbon Hybrid Series utilises the benefits of a stiff carbon base and strategically angled carbon strips throughout the top half of the fin. This design creates a unique tension flex that releases energy out of turns, loading and then springing back into its true form with speed, power and commitment. The Carbon Hybrid Series offers more drive and hold then our other constructions, very popular with Shapers elite surf team for delivering fast, powerful and responsive surfing.

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Carbon Flare®

Shapers CarbonFlare construction offers increased drive & hold over the Core-lite series, achieved through a precision carbon fibre base. Overall, an ultra-light weight fin with a controlled and predictable flex pattern that is well-suited for a broad range of surfers & surf conditions.

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A highly technical fin construction that delivers pure performance through an effective 4-phase kinetic flex pattern, giving surfers maximum feel and control. Engineered by using a complex blend of materials, layered in a format that specifically controls the fins flex. Materials used in the Spectrum series include the likes of Texalium (stiffer than fibreglass but more flex than carbon) and different styles a carbons and kevlar, blended seamlessly into the same fin.

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Shapers Fibre-Flex Series are proudly Australian made, utilising advanced and precision injection engineering with a unique composite blend containing 50% glass fibre. Shapers Fibre-Flex Series maintain a high level of stiffness through the fins base with a progressive flex pattern through to the fins tips. The high glass content helps ensure excellent memory retention and provides for a strong and durable fin. Suitable for surfers wanting a less responsive set-up than fibreglass (hence more forgiving) and therefore a good option for beginners to intermediate surfers.